Buidhnean Dualchais

Anns na h-Eileanan an Iar, tha na Comainn Eachdraidh air leasachadh mòr a dhèanamh tro na bliadhnaichean. Tha Comunn Eachdraidh aig a mhòr chuid de sgìrean agus tha iad air dealbhan, beul-aithris, clàran agus fiosrachadh sinnsearachd a chruinneachadh. Glè thric, tha na cruinneachaidhean seo làn fiosrachadh mionaideach agus tha iad a' toirt ìomhaigh dhuinn air na sgìrean seo nach fhaighear ann an àite sam bi eile

Leugh Barrachd

Heritage network conference

A conference to discuss the potential development of a heritage network is being held is being held at the Caladh Inn, Stornoway, on 29 October. More soon!


  • Am sending on “Gazette”. I have a summary in it of an old book on Stor[nowa]y… Thomas Babington Macaulay got the D.C.M. He seems to have behaved with great bravery, attacked four Germans, killed three & wounded one & carried off their machine guns into lines… Stornoway, 6th May. 1917 | An Dùbhlachd 18, 2020
    In his letter this week, Mr Gibson tells Jean about the new church service arrangements in... Leugh barrachd
  • Did Papa tell you that she and Miss Isabel Mackenzie are going to take a teacher’s work between them, which will leave Papa still 5 teachers short. Mr. Colin J, Mr. Ewen and Mr. Tait are left so far but will to be appealed for from time to time. If only the war would end! You will be sorry to hear that poor May Macfarlane has lost her other brother in this last push. He was in the Canadians… Stornoway, 29th April. 1917 | An Dùbhlachd 11, 2020
    In this week’s letter, there is news of a large meeting in favour of Prohibition to be held in... Leugh barrachd
  • Mamma is just now busy in the kitchen baking oatcakes, so that we may keep within the Controller’s demand that no person shall eat more than a loaf and a half per week. We have been taking note this week and find that we are well within the limit. Some white fish are being landed these days, so the “kitchen” problem has not been so acute as it sometimes is… Stornoway, 26th April. 1917 | An Dùbhlachd 04, 2020
    Mr Gibson has unfortunate news for Jean this week – their cat, Lil’l Lissy, has sadly died. He... Leugh barrachd