Buidhnean Dualchais

Anns na h-Eileanan an Iar, tha na Comainn Eachdraidh air leasachadh mòr a dhèanamh tro na bliadhnaichean. Tha Comunn Eachdraidh aig a mhòr chuid de sgìrean agus tha iad air dealbhan, beul-aithris, clàran agus fiosrachadh sinnsearachd a chruinneachadh. Glè thric, tha na cruinneachaidhean seo làn fiosrachadh mionaideach agus tha iad a' toirt ìomhaigh dhuinn air na sgìrean seo nach fhaighear ann an àite sam bi eile

Leugh Barrachd

Heritage network conference

A conference to discuss the potential development of a heritage network is being held is being held at the Caladh Inn, Stornoway, on 29 October. More soon!


  • Mamma says I am to tell you that everybody who has been speaking to her seems to have been greatly surprised at your having travelled that Sunday night and to be impressed with the inhumanity of “your patients” in letting you go. Mamma thinks possibly this is to cover the case of the young men who didn’t venture… Stornoway, 27th January. 1918 | An Damhair 22, 2021
    This week, Mr Gibson returns to writing his usual letter to Jean as he’s feeling much better... Leugh barrachd
  • Frank Maciver was in school on Friday looking years older Papa says. He is coming to tea with us tomorrow. I wish it had been when you were at home. He was in the retreat at Cambrai when the guns were lost but as it happened the gun he was on was got off as it had been half a kilometre to the rear of the main lot… Stornoway, 20th January. 1918 | An Damhair 15, 2021
    It’s Mrs Gibson’s turn to write to Jean again this week as Mr Gibson is still down with a bad... Leugh barrachd
  • Since Alick and Papa went out a boy has come in, a son of Macleod, Lochcroisten, who has only now managed in to school. He got as far as Achmore and has had to stay there from the day you got started south. Coming in today he followed the telegraph poles as no one could tell where the road was and he got his chin frost-bitten… Papa advised him to stay indoors till Monday to keep it from the cold… Stornoway, 17th January. 1918 | An Damhair 08, 2021
    In this week’s letter, Mrs Gibson has an update on the freezing weather the island is still... Leugh barrachd