Buidhnean Dualchais

Anns na h-Eileanan an Iar, tha na Comainn Eachdraidh air leasachadh mòr a dhèanamh tro na bliadhnaichean. Tha Comunn Eachdraidh aig a mhòr chuid de sgìrean agus tha iad air dealbhan, beul-aithris, clàran agus fiosrachadh sinnsearachd a chruinneachadh. Glè thric, tha na cruinneachaidhean seo làn fiosrachadh mionaideach agus tha iad a' toirt ìomhaigh dhuinn air na sgìrean seo nach fhaighear ann an àite sam bi eile

Leugh Barrachd

Heritage network conference

A conference to discuss the potential development of a heritage network is being held is being held at the Caladh Inn, Stornoway, on 29 October. More soon!


  • You will be sorry to hear that Norrie Crichton was killed in action about ten days ago in France. It is a dreadful blow to his father and mother. Mr. Peter Miller is off to France this week; everybody one knows seems now to be getting sucked into the whirlpool of the war. Stornoway, 24th Nov. 1916 | An Cèitean 22, 2020
    This week, Mr Gibson reports further sad news from the Front, the Literary Society debates the idea... Leugh barrachd
  • Speaking of the Minch we heard that poor W.J. Payne the night he left Sy. was so sick that at Kyle two men had to carry him ashore. He is now on a destroyer in the North Sea… Poor boy ! we feel very sorry for him now. Stornoway, 19th Nov. 1916 | An Cèitean 15, 2020
    A long letter which refers to the difficulty of getting potatoes and also wool for the tweed, the... Leugh barrachd
  • John MacFarlane, May’s brother, has been killed in the war; also Gina Sutherland’s brother Rose. The list of lost lives is always mounting up. Stornoway 16th Nov. 1916 | An Cèitean 08, 2020
    Sad news from the Front*, a ‘Lewis’ night at the School Literary Society and the election... Leugh barrachd