South Uist Benbecula Source List


Records made accessible through Tasglann nan Eilean Siar unless otherwise stated. The following archive collections are stored in Stornoway.  Subject to their physical condition making them suitable to travel, they may be made accessible through the Comhairle’s library and museum service across the islands.  Full catalogues are available on request.




            1          Local Government Records

            2          Schools

            3          Deposited records

            4          Other sources





South Uist Parish Council

Established in 1845, Parishes (or Parochial Boards as they started out) were responsible for raising and administering poor relief.  South Uist Parish Council was abolished in 1930 with its powers transferring to South Uist District Council.


Minutes 1891-1930

Finance Committee minutes 1906-1910

Applications for parochial relief 1910-1968

General Registers of the poor 1878-1932

Payroll of the poor 1930-1963

Inspectors day cash books 1940-1944

Inspectors ledger1911-1916

Cash book: special parish fund 1906-1934


South Uist & Barra District Committee

The District Committee was established in 1890, undertaking functions on behalf of Inverness-shire County Council.  Its main responsibilities included roads and bridges and various local amenities that fell outwith the Parish Council’s remit.  The Committee was abolished in 1930.


Minutes 1890-1930

Ledgers 1897-1929


South Uist District Council

South Uist District Council was established in 1930 to serve as local agents for Inverness-shire County Council.  Responsibilities included public health, nursing, housing, roads, harbours, water supply and drainage but excluded police and education.  It was abolished in 1975 with its powers transferring to the newly formed Comhairle nan Eilean.

Minutes 1930-1974

Abstract of accounts 1929-1965

Cash books 1934-1962

Assessment cash books (District rate) 1944-1950

Lochboisdale Pier & Harbour cash books and ledgers 1926-1961


Long Island Combination Poorhouse, Lochmaddy

Although situated in North Uist, the poorhouse in Lochmaddy covered the entirety of Harris, the Uists and Barra and was financed by the parishes of Harris, North Uist, South Uist and Barra.

Minute books 1875-1942

Letter books 1914-1933

Cash books 1910-1930

Ledgers 1886-1930



Held by the Council Offices in Balivanich as active documents, the following Council-maintained graveyard records are held:


Ardivachar:                 Lair register 1961-present


Nunton:                       Lair map and register 2000-present



2          SCHOOLS


NB:      Log books are closed to public access for 35 years; admission registers for 100 years from the last entry in the volume


Log books for South Uist and Benbecula are held at Lionacleit library


South Uist School Board / District Education Sub Committee

Established in 1872 and function in various guises until 1975, the functions of the School Boards were absorbed into the Education Department of Comhairle nan Eilean Siar in 1975.


No early records of the school boards appear to have survived.  Post 1975 records are held by the Comhairle.  The following individual school records are held:


Balivanich:                  Records held by school


Daliburgh:                    Records held by school


East Gerinish:             Log books 1910-1952


Eriskay:                       Records held by school


Garrynamonie:            Admission register n.d., log books 1879-1912, 1940-1988


Gerinish:                      Log books 1938-1947, 1951-1963, 1967-1988


Glendale:                     Records held by Highland Archives: Skye & Lochalsh in Portree.  To be transferred back to the islands in near future.


Howmore:                   Log books 1874-1907, 1911-1967


Iochdar:                       Log books 1879-896, 1912-1988


Kildonan:                     Admission register n.d., log books 1916-1988


Kilerivagh:                   Admission registers 1921-1975, log books 1888-1975


Kyles Flodda:              Log books 1901-1951


Lochboisdale:              Log book 1981-1988


Locheynort:                 Log book 1916-1959


Sgoil Lionacleit:           Records held by school


Stoneybridge:              Records held by Iochdar School


Torlum:                        Log books 1907-1958


Uiskevagh:                  Log book 1922-1946


West Gerinish:            Log book 1910-1938


Amhuinnsuidhe:            Admission register 1928-1960, log books 1927-1960



South Uist & Barra District Nursing Service

Ledger accounts 1927-1940

South Uist (Daliburgh District) Nursing Association

Account book 1946-1963


4          OTHER SOURCES

There are many collections of useful archives held in private or voluntary group hands relating to the South Uist and Bebecula area.  There is no statutory right of access to these records but many custodians are willing to aid researchers. The following organisations may well be worth contacting for help with your research.  Further details can be found at http://www.tasglann.org.uk


            Benbecula Historical Society

Benbecula fell into the parish and district committee/council area of South Uist although it has a very distinct history of its own.  The historical society is active in recording and celebrating the history of the area.  http://www.benbeculahistorysociety.co.uk/


Cladh Hallan

A project lead by the local church, it has teamed up archive information from burial records, gravestones, community newspapers and other sources and linked it to digitised images relating to the Cladh Hallan graveyard near Daliburgh.  A fantastic family history resource.  http://www.hallancemeterysouthuist.co.uk/


Ceòlas Uibhist

The Ceòlas holds a Gaelic summer school of dance, music and song each year in South Uist.  As well as having its own archive of material it also hold regular symposia around South Uist on local topics ranging from song to township history.  http://www.ceolas.co.uk/


            Local churches

Church records can be a useful resource for researchers.  Where they survive they are still held by the churches


            South Uist Historical Society / Kildonan Museum

This public museum has a varied and extensive range of artefacts, archives and photographic archives relating to the local area and its voluntary members a wealth of local knowledge.  http://www.kildonanmuseum.co.uk


Stòras Uibhist

Stòras Uibhist is the community-owned estate that owns the majority of South Uist.  Its archives date back to 1838 and a key resource for understanding the management of South Uist.  Access is on application to the estate.  http://www.storasuibhist.com/

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