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Unless otherwise stated, the following archive collections are held in Stornoway and made accessible through the archive service currently based at Stornoway Library.  From autumn 2015, the archive service will be based in the new Museum & Archive at the Lews Castle site.  

For non-Lewis residents, we can arrange for records to be made available through your local library by appointment   

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Local government records


Deposited records

Other sources



North Uist Parish Council (1870-1948) (ref. IN5/3)

Established in 1845, Parishes (or Parochial Boards as they started out) were responsible for raising and administering poor relief and gradually took on other duties such as graveyards, footpaths and water supply.  Parish Councils were abolished in 1930. 

  • Minutes 1915-1930; applications for parochial relief 1898-1948; general registers of the poor 1870-1927; payroll of the poor 1903-1919; inspectors' day cash books 1901-1930; inspectors' ledgers 1903-1930

North Uist Public Assistance Committee (1930-1961) (ref. IN5/7)

The Committee took on many of the rolls of the former Parish Council with regard to aiding the poor.

  • Applications for transitional relief 1931-1935; payroll 1930-1961; aliment books 1934-1945; cash books 1932-1939

North Uist District Committee (1890-1930) (ref. IN2/2)

The District Committee was established in 1890, undertaking functions on behalf of Inverness-shire County Council.  This included roads, bridges, amenities and nursing that fell outwith the Parish Council’s remit.  The Committee was abolished in 1930.

  • Letter books 1912-1928; cash books 1912-1925; ledgers 1890-1927; Roads minute books 1893-1912; Public Health minute books 1890-1930

North Uist District Council (1930-1961) (ref. IN6/3)

North Uist District Council was established in 1930 to serve as local agents for Inverness-shire County Council, taking on many of the duties for the former District Committee.  It was abolished in 1975 with its powers transferring to Comhairle nan Eilean.

  • Minute books 1930-1947, letter books and correspondence 1930-1946, assessment cash books 1935-1951, postage books 1944-1945

Long Island Combination Poorhouse, Lochmaddy (1875-1942) (ref IN5/9)

The poorhouse was situated on the outskirts of Lochmaddy and was originally operated jointly by the parishes of Harris, North Uist, South Uist (including Benbecula) and Barra. It later became the Lochmaddy Hospital.

  • Minutes 1875-1942; letter books 1914-1933; cashbooks 1910-1930; ledgers 1886-1930



NB:  Records containing personal data are generally closed to public access for 100 years.  Please ask for further information. 

North Uist School Board / District Education Committee (1893-1947) (ref. IN4/3)

The Board was established in 1873 to manage schooling in the area.  It was responsible for building and maintaining schools, staffing and curriculum matters as dictated by the government.  Its powers transferred to North Uist District Education Committee in 1919 and Comhairle nan Eilean in 1975. 

  • Minute books 1893-1947; scroll minute books 1898-1910; letter books 1919-1934; cash books 1898-1915; ledgers 1889-1914; abstract books 1906-1916

Records of individual schools.   Log books are held in Liniclate Community Library unless otherwise stated.


  • Admission register 1901-1982; log books 1899-1983


  • Records held by school – admission registers 188-1943; log books 1877-1989; plans 1971

Claddach Kirkibost

  • Log books 1885-1959


  • Log books 1895-1961


  • Log books 1880-1964; log book 1964-1988


  • Log books 1883-1942; cleaning register 1907-1942


  • Log books 1908-1988; attendance registers 1978-1987


  • Records held in Carinish School – Log book 1950-1951


  • Log books 1877-1945; held at Lochmaddy School – 1945-1995


  • Admission register 1925-1968; log books 1925-1968


  • Held by Paible School – admission registers 1909-1969; log books 1936-2013; school magazine 1978-1980; cleaning register 1907-1962; photographs 1980s-2010s


  • Log books 1874-1988; attendance register 1885; attendance register 1909; HMI Reports 1930-1931
  • Held at Paible School - Admission register 1951-1987


  • Log books 1876-1983          



Gatliff Hebridean Hostels Trust (1962-2006) (ref. GD1)

The Trust operated a number of youth hostels across the Western Isles, including at Claddach Baleshare in North Uist.

  • Annual Reports and Accounts 1989-2003; newsletters 1963-2006; founder and trustee biographies 1995-c2003; Rhenigidale hostel records 1962-2005; Scarp hostel records 1967-1970; Howmore hostel records 1971-2005; Berneray hostel records 1977-2006; Claddach Baleshare hostel records 1982-1991; Garenin 1997-2006



North Uist Historical Society

North Uist has an active historical society.  Their accredited museum and public archive is based at Taigh Chearsabagh arts centre at Lochmaddy.  Their photographic archive is extensive and other notable collections relate to the band Runrig, as well as the papers of local families and organisations.  Their archive collections are included on http://ica-atom.tasglann.org.uk.

National Records of Scotland, Edinburgh www.nrsscotland.gov.uk 

As well as various government records relating to North Uist, including Presbytery and church records, they jointly manage the genealogy site www.ScotlandsPeople.gov.uk

Highland Archives, Bught Road, Inverness http://www.highlandarchives.org.uk

The archive centre in Inverness holds many records relating to North Uist, notably the records of Inverness-shire County Council (1890-1975) and its predecessors.  

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