Eriskay Historical Society


Island of Eriskay with causeway to South Uist


Eriskay Historical Society was established in February 2010 to document the history of the island community situated of the south of South Uist.  As the newest historical society in the Western Isles, their initial interest has been in collecting photographs relating to the island and identifying individuals within them.

Archive collections

Photograph collection, including named individuals and their patronymic.  Most of the collection is digitised and catalogued.


Museum/archive address

Comann Eachdraidh Eirisgeidh

Community Office,

Eriskay Commuity Hall

Isle of Eriskay


Donald John MacInnes



Geographic coverage Island of Eriskay and surrounding islands




john mckay | Oct 18, 2017

does anybody remember me johnmckay and my brother george McKay we where fostard on eriskay in the 1980 also anybody got photos off us as I remmerber we lived at 12 bunamullin if I spelt that wright

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